Elizabeth McCord
1914- 2008

Press Release prior to 'A Retrospective of work 1940- 1990' Exhibit
Bryce Bannatyne
Santa Monica

Born in Dayton Ohio in 1914, McCord studied at the Art Institute of Chicago (1932- 1934) and taught at Hull House from 1938 to 1945. Part of the WPA program in the 30s, McCord’s early work shows a strong commitment to exploring abstraction through color and form. Throughout the 1940s, McCord took part in major exhibitions to include the National Museum in Washington, the San Francisco Art Museum and the Los Angeles County Museum. McCord moved to Southern California in 1945 at a time when Los Angeles was pre-disposed toward the abstract movement. In the 20s Stanton MacDonald Wright returned to Paris bringing with him ‘SYNCROMISM’ which in turn influenced the California artists revolved around his downtown Art Students League. McCord exhibited with many of these artists yet her work stylistically remains a personal exploration. McCord participated in the 1951 cutting edge exhibition ‘Painting in the USA' at the Los Angeles County Museum and was part of the Los Angeles Art Association. This show will include work from 1940-1990 and will be a rare look at an important and unique painter.